Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding Kamloops British Columbia Canada Someday Retrievers has a dog grooming facility with Top Of The Line grooming equipment in Kamloops, BC Canada located only five hours from Vancouver, BC. We provide hands-on care and a variety of dog grooming services, including nail trimming, ear cleaning, and breed specific styles. We have a stainless steel tub with ramp for easy access and state of the art hydraulic grooming table. You may want to consider a full groom or just a clean up brush and bath before your dog or cat goes home. Call for your appointment with certified groomer Linda Cline. Available For Resident Dogs, BIG OR SMALL WE GROOM THEM ALL.

Grooming Photogallery

Hours of Operation

Grooming available only for pets staying in our facility.

  • 5657 Beaton Rd. Kamloops, BC V1S 2A4 Canada

Grooming Services

  • Brush out to remove excess hair and tangles
  • Gentle ear cleansing
  • Gentle nail clipping
  • Check for any skin problems
  • Warm, sudsy bath to remove deep down dirt and dander
  • Breed specialized grooming (hand scissor and/or clipper)
  • Finishing touches under paws, tails, sanitary area